Race rules & etiquette

- C O N C E P T -

Before you can start racing

Before you arrive at the event, you must have registered and paid for the races online. When you arrive, your bike must pass the bike safety check before you can proceed to the registration desk. You will then receive race number stickers to attach to your bike, they must be clearly visible on both sides. You will also receive a transponder which you have to attach firmly to your bike in a place that is visible to race officials, and not inside a carbon body that blocks signal transmission.

After your last race of the competition, hand in the transponder to a race official or at the registration desk. They are expensive items that should not get lost.

Race rules & etiquette

Many race rules are specific for each race, see the individual race's description. Here we list the rules that apply for all races.

You must be present at the start of a race 15 minutes ahead of time. If you arrive late you may be denied access to the track.

You must use the same bike for all five races that count for the World Championships. We make one exception: in case of mechanical failure, you can switch to another bike in the same class. This 'spare bike' must have passed the safety check.
If you insist on using different types of bike for different parts of the competition, you must register for the event separately for each bike, using a different ligfiets.net-id.

When overtaking it is the responsibility of the faster rider to ensure they overtake safely. The slower rider may ride on the inside of corners, but when switching sides on the track this must be done slowly and very carefully, ensuring that no fast riders are approaching. A rear view mirror is highly recommended.