Activities for non-racers

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Cycle Vision has activities to attract visitors, to entertain kids, and to promote cycling. These activities are highlighted on this page, and also listed chronologically in the combined race and visitor schedule.

Not all these activities are confirmed yet.

First of all, our improvised campground is open to all racers, visitors and kids.

For recumbent enthousiasts

  • The Elimination race on Friday at 6pm is a lot of fun to watch. You can easily see who leads and how the speeds of different types of bike compare.
  • On Friday at 11pm there is the Fjoertoer, a ride on the track in the dark with bikes decorated with lots of lights.
  • On Saturday at 12am, the 16 km transfer from Sloten to Spaarnwoude is a leisure ride and PR-event that is fun to join, all you need is a bike (it doesn't have to be a recumbent). You can return by yourself at any time, or join the group at 6pm.
  • At Spaarnwoude, there is a nice canteen with outdoor seating (biergarten) where you can relax, buy drinks, and watch the races.
  • On Saturday at 4:30pm, there is the Bike Courier Race. Not only fun to watch how fast the participants get off and back on their bikes, you can also join yourself after registration (not open yet, price 5 euro) and try to win a nice prize.
  • On Sunday between 10:30 and 12:30 there will be lectures.
  • Also on Sunday, whole day there will be a second hand recumbent market.
  • On Monday, there will be a very scenic leisure ride to the world famous tourist attraction 'Zaanse Schans'.

For kids

See the special kids corner.