3. 20 minute criteriums

Time: Saturday 2.30pm and 3.15pm
Track: Spaarnwoude 3.2 km

In these short races your speed, tactics and cornering technique are challenged. Duration is 20 minutes plus 1 lap, at the beautiful track of Spaarnwoude with many long smooth curves.

There are separate races for Velomobiles (including anything fully faired) and Bikes/Trikes (partly and unfaired). These rules apply:
  • There is a mass start, line up ten minutes ahead of the race. Slow riders at the back, fast riders up front (if you arrive late, you start at the back).
  • After 20 minutes have passed, the 'final round' bell rings when the lead racer crosses the finish line. When he has completed one more round, the race ends. All riders have to finish the lap that they are in. Note: when you are overtaken by the lead racer in his final lap, you will never hear the 'final round' bell and see the finish flag instead.