1. Elimination race

Time: Friday 6pm
Track: Sloten 2.5 km

The elimination race is a fun race to watch because it is easy to see who leads. It is also fun to participate in, because the first rounds are like a leisure ride in which you can chat with your opponents, and you need good tactics to win (read the rules carefully). The race is effectively a 2.5 km sprint with flying start.

Read the rules carefully to devise your strategy. If you are fast rider and convinced you will make it to the final lap, then try to stay close to the front runner. If you will not make it to the final lap, then what counts is your fastest lap. Try to draft behind slightly faster riders.

The race has the following rules:
  • There are 9 laps.
  • At the start, line up is according to vehicle type in the order FF, PF, UF, UF-trike. If a rider wants to start further back, that's ok.
  • For the first 8 laps, there is a 'designated front runner'. This is a fast rider who is also a participant himself (there is also a spare front-runner who takes over when needed).
  • During the first 8 laps, the front runner shall not be overtaken.
  • The front runner is instructed to aim at a fixed speed for each round. The speeds for the 8 laps are: 26, 30, 34, 38, 42, 46, 50, 54 km/hr.
  • Riders do not need to complete all laps. Your personal fastest lap (time between two start/finish line crossings) counts as the result. For example, if you can't keep up with 46 km/hr and ride a final 44 km/hr lap, then this is your result.
  • If you feel that your next lap won't be faster then the previous one, then quit the race briefly after crossing the start/finish line.
  • We will also use the finish flag to urge you to quit the race when it is clear that you are no longer competing.
  • For the final 9th round the rules are different. If you achieve a lap speed above 54 km/hr in that round, you are in the elite group and you are ranked on the basis of finish order. In other words, for the elite group the 9th lap is a regular sprint in which you must try to cross the finish line before your opponents. If you are not in the elite group, your fastest lap determines your rank, behind the elite group.
  • During the race, we will hold up a sign at the start/finish line that states the target speed for the front runner, i.e. the sequence 26,30,34,38,42,46,50,54,MAX.
  • Finally, should you experience mechanical failure during the race that can be quickly fixed, wait until the front-runner passes and re-enter the race when it is safe to do so.