4. Dutch hill climb

Time: Sunday 8:30am
Track: Sloten 2.5km

At the end of this day, which also has the 3/6 hour endurance races, you will definitely detest the steep little bridge in the circuit that allowed you to enter the sports grounds. In this 100 meter race you demonstrate how to deal with this little hill properly, now that your legs are still fresh.

This movie (facebook), shot at Cycle Vision 2016, depicts the start (white line) and end (top of bridge) of this race.

The rules are simple.
  • The finish is on top of the bridge, and the start is 100 meter before that.
  • At the start, your transponder has to be 1 meter before the start line.
  • Start order is based on first come, first served, but six hour racers have priority and are allowed to pass 3-hour racers in the start queue.
  • The race is held between 8.30 and 9.15. If you arrive later than 8:45 you may be denied access.
  • Riders start individually with (at least) 10 seconds in between.
  • When you are done, complete 1 lap on the track at a relaxed pace to get back to the start.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances (mechanical failure) will you be allowed to have a second run.