Kids corner

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While kids generally enjoy looking at weird looking bikes, doing so for an entire day is bo-o-ring. We offer social and sporting entertainment for kids, they are also listed in the combined race and visitor schedule.
  • Kids who can't get asleep can join the Fjoertoer (see above) on Friday at 11pm.
  • On Saturday morning (9:00-11:30), kids are going to paint a bunch of wild animals on cardboard. These will be used on Sunday for the Kids Jungle Race.
  • On Saturday at 12:00, kids who can handle a 16 km ride should join the transfer from Sloten to Spaarnwoude by bike. Or ride with their parents in a trailer or back seat. Only the first few kilometers involve some city traffic.
  • On Saturday at 1:45pm, after arriving in Spaarnwoude, the first thing on the program is the Kids Speed Race over 15 minutes plus one round on a 430 m oval track.
  • Spaarnwoude also has a small playground.
  • On Saturday at 4:30pm, kids who can maintain a speed beyond 20 km/hr should consider to join the Bike Courier Race.
  • On Sunday at 1:45pm (time to be confirmed), there is the Kids Jungle Race, in which the kids have to slalom around the wild animal creatures that they painted the day before.