5. 3 and 6 hour races

Time: Sunday 10 am (6 hour race) and 1 pm (3 hour race)
Track: Sloten 2.5 km

Recumbents are often promoted as car-alternatives, and thereby it is good to have as an argument that you can 'easily' cover 300 kms on a quarter of a day. The 6 hour race has a dedicated fanbase but it is quite small because of the skills required. Therefore we also organize a 3 hour race, which starts halfway the 6 hour race, so that the 6 hour racers get good company during the toughest part of the race.

The following rules apply to the 3 and 6 hour races.
  1. The 6 hour race starts at 10 am, the 3 hour race joins at 1 pm. A large clock will display remaining time.
  2. When the race time is up, all riders get the finish flag. Rank is based on total distance covered.
  3. Prizes are awarded for the 3 hour and 6 hour races independently.
  4. For the impact of your 3 or 6 hour result on your overall ranking, see the overall ranking page.