24 uur record in Guiness book of records

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Zelfbouwer Greg blijft bezig. En hij bereikt ook nog het een en ander. Hij heeft zijn 24 uur record in het Guiness record boek gekregen. In een mailing naar geinteresseerden schrijft hij vele nieuwtjes.

Guinness World Records recognizes my HPB and HPV records!

I have been working through the Guinness maze of forms and rules and procedures and received some very good news earlier this week. They have added two new categories to their records to accommodate my achievements:

The greatest distance on a human powered vehicle in 24 hours is 1041.24
km (647 m) and was achieved by Greg Kolodziejzyk (Canada) at Redwood
Acres Raceway in Eureka, Alberta, Canada, on 20 July 2006.

The greatest distance achieved by pedal powered boat in 24 hours is
173.76 km (107.9 m) by Greg Kolodziejzyk (Canada) on a lake in Calgary,
Alberta, Canada on 2 June 2007.

As far as I know, I am the second person to be recognized for a human powered vehicle record - the first being Sam Whittingham for his 200 meter sprint. If there is someone else with a human powered vehicle Guinness record, please let me know.

Guinness had a category for 24 hour distance by pedal powered boat, but it was held by a TEAM of 4 Italian cyclists and was 175 km (only 2 km more than mine). I had to convince them that a solo effort should be considered as a category of it's own.

Brand new Adventures of Greg web site

A new look: http://www.adventuresofgreg.com (if you have the old version loaded, you may have to click your refresh button to clear your cache and load the new page).

The new site is designed to better reflect my goals regarding human power. The new quote says it all: William Pollard said: "Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow."

It's a high band width site with some small flash videos running. Please check it out and let me know it you had any problems or lengthy delays loading it. Also let me know what kind of internet connection you have.

Pedal the Ice Cap - a new adventure!

This is still in CONCEPT phase. More research needs to be completed before I commit to doing it, but I thought it would be useful to put it up on the web site and get your feedback pedaltheocean.com

300 miles across the second largest ice cap in the world. Again I am challenging tradition: What happens when we mix cutting edge technology with optimal human performance to cross an ice cap in record time? Can we use technology to improve upon the tried and true cross country ski?

"Human Power Rocks" weekly video web cast

You can click through to this flash video from the new AOG main page, or here.

I would really like your input. Here are some questions I would like you to answer for me:

1. Do you think something like this is worth continuing?

2. Every week, every month?

3. Should I include ALL news from the HPV world? Interviews with HPV'ers?

4. Any other suggestions?

5. Did it load fast enough on your computer?

6. How was the length?

7. Was the quality good enough? Image quality, content quality, production quality?

Feedback can be sent directly to me greg@pedaltheocean.com
or, you can enter a comment for every one to read on this BLOG page.

Thanks very much for your support and feedback!

Best regards,
Greg K


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