Safety for rider and bike

By enrolling the WHPVA World Championships 2021 you agree to the following safety rules:

Bike certification

When you arrive at the event, you must obtain a bike safety certificate. The bike safety official will check these points:
- A bike must have sufficient braking power.
- All (aerodynamic) attachments and accessories must be attached such that they won't come off during the races.
- A bike must not have sharp, protruding bits or open tube ends on any side.
- For a recumbent bike without enclosure, the chain ring must be protected by either a fixed shield or by a strong rotating chain guard that is free from sharp edges.
- A rear view mirror must be present and functional. It may be attached to either the bike or the rider.


- Participants must present a bike safety certificate for each bike they intend to use at the
registration desk.
- Children below 18 must present themselves in the presence of a parent/guardian at the registration desk, or provide a signed parental authorization that lists the races in which the child is allowed to participate. We rely on parents to not put their child in danger.
- The Kids race is for children between 0 and 12 years old, or slightly older kids with no experience in racing.
- Because of adverse weather conditions the organisation may shorten or skip races or limit participation to certain classes of bikes.

Rider safety

- You must be fit for competitive cycling. It is your own responsibility to have this checked.
- A first aid medical team will be present. It can decide that you are unfit to (further) participate
in a race.
- It is highly recommended that you wear a certified hard-shell helmet. Kids must wear a helmet during all cycling activities.
- A rear view mirror is mandatory. It can be attached to the bike or to the rider.

See also: Liability.