Race 1: Elimination race

Time: Friday 7pm
Track: Sloten 2.5 km

The elimination race is effectively a 2.5 km sprint with flying start, but it includes a competitive element that makes it more fun to watch and participate in. Read the rules carefully, you may need good tactics to win.

Strategic advice: stay close to your direct competitors, you need to finish before them to beat them.

The race has the following rules:
  • Update: all vehicle types start together in a single heat. Otherwise we won't finish before darkness. (There are three separate starts for the categories (1) hand- and handfoot bikes/trikes, (2) unfaired and partially faired bikes/trikes, and (3) fully faired bikes/trikes.)
  • At the start, it is advised that fast riders position themselves in front of slower riders.
  • Each race covers three laps plus a final lap.
  • In each race, there is a 'designated front runner' who shall not be overtaken except during the final 'MAX' round.
  • Update: the speeds in the single heat are 34, 38, 42, 46, 50, 54 and MAX. The front runner has the instruction to maintain specific speeds during the successive laps:
    - (for the unfaired and partially faired bikes/trikes, the speeds are 34, 38, 42, 46 and MAX km/h)
    - (for the fully faired bikes/trikes, the speeds are 42 / 46 / 50 / 54 / MAX km/h)
  • Riders do not need to complete all laps. What counts is your fastest lap. This fastest lap is calculated as the time between two start/finish line crossings, with one additional condition: if someone who crossed the line before you(*) was slower than you, your time is adjusted to that rider's time plus one millisecond. This means that if you are behind someone at the start of a lap, you must pass him before the end of the lap to beat that person.
  • If you feel that your next lap won't be faster then the previous one, then you may quit the race at a location where it is safe to do so.
  • During the race, we will hold up a sign at the start/finish line that states the target speed for the front runner, for example the sequence ... 50, 54, MAX. When MAX is on display, you may overtake the frontrunner.
  • We may resort to a boring 'individual fastest lap with standing start' type of race if forced to by COVID regulations.
(*) The precise condition is: if someone who started the lap between you and the front runner finishes the lap before you.