Race 3a: Bike courier race

Time: Saturday 16:30
Track: Spaarndam 3.2 km

Velomobiles are fast but clumsy, trikes are agile, two wheelers come in all sorts of designs. If your bike has more qualities than just being aerodynamic, this is the race to prove your skills to handle them.

The race combines a sprint, a get-on, get-off your bike and a sharp cornering exercise, with an escape route for velomobiles that can't take tight turns.

These rules apply:
  • The race takes place on the fast but curvy track of Spaarnwoude, where you are quite well shielded from sun and wind.
  • The start is on a first come, first serve basis, with 30 second intervals.
  • At the start you receive a token (postcard size) that is easy to carry. You start and follow the track until point A in the picture. There you have to make a decision. You can take the shortcut X, which requires a tight turn and saves about 450 meters, or you can go straight and follow the track.
  • Continue to station [B] near the end of the track. Leave your bike (there will be people to hold it) and run to [C] to deliver the token into a basket.
  • Finally, return to your bike and cross the finish line to stop the time. Both you and your bike must cross the line, but you may opt to push the bike instead of getting in.
  • You are disqualified for this race if
    - you didn't deliver the token in the basket at station [C]
    - you and your bicycle haven't crossed the finish line together.