Wedstrijdseizoen nog niet voorbij!

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De wedstrijdrijders kunnen nog niet aan hun winterslaap beginnen, zondag a.s. kunnen ze weer aantreden op de wielerbaar in Alkmaar voor een 4 kilometer tijdrit en 45 minuten criterium. Twee weken later (zondag 27 oktober) is de tijdrit Lelystad-Enkhuizen-Lelystad en de hele fanatieke rijders kunnen 19/20 oktober terecht op de wielerbaan van Bordeaux.


Baan open vanaf 11.30. 12.00 4 kilometer tijdrit, 2 rijders op tegelijk op de baan, 14.00 uur criterium 45 minuten indeling naar resultaten 4 kilometer. Start snelle groep 15.00 uur, start iets minder snelle groep 14.00 uur. Baan sluit 16.00 uur. In tegenstelling tot eerder berichten is de baan nog niet gerenoveerd, dat gaat van de winter pas gebeuren.


Start op de parkeerplaats bij de sluis Lelystad 13.00-15.00 uur.


Sorry for the short notice, but we have just a few places left for competitors on our competition on the 19th october on the Velodrome in Bordeaux. If you want to inform your readers of this event you can use following pix and information. For those who liked the Koln racetrack at the BEND competion : this one is even faster, steeper and smoother. Don't expect anything big of the organisation : France is a small country for bentriders and this wil be a very intimate event : no big competition and cool attitude is required. But for those who like to hear Van Halen's Jump loud while cycling on the most radical track in Europe, get your ass over here. Last year we got this event 3 times on Eurosport and once on national television. Here is the information you can use for your readers. We thank you in advance.

Bent Over Bordeaux
Vélodrome de Bordeaux
19 octobre 2002
+ Bike tour 20 octobre 2002

For the 3rd time the world famous racetrack of the Vélodrome of Bordeaux is open for the cycles it is best suited for...

Program :

Saturday 19 october : 13.00 - 19.00 h
Warm up
Kilometer standing start
Devil's Race
Pursuit Race
1 Hour Open (maybe followed by a 1 Hour individual time trial)

This event is open to all competitors of any level. However, the racetrack of Bordeaux is a little radical, so experience on cycletracks is mandatory.Timekeeping will be held handclocked by appointed french HPV members.

Conditions for all participators :

-Regular Low racer recumbent cycle of good fabrication
-Helmet, cycling body and footwear
-Good tires in excellent condition for superclass wooden track
-Front protection or single bracket
-Limited rear fairing allowed by corresponding IHPV rules
-Humour and sport attitude

Not allowed : tricycles, cycles with understeer, and full fairings. The slope of the velodrome of Bordeaux is much too steep and the track too short (250 meters) for these types of bikes.

This is not a commercial event : however the velodrome is a very expensive location, so you will be asked
a small participation to ride here.

Entry fee :
Competitors : 30 euro
Visitors vélodrome : 10 euro

How to get here

Plenty of cheap hotels (Formule 1 etc) are just around the block. For those who want to extend their visit touristically :

20 october : bentrider cycle tour
For Sunday there is a cool touristic circuit planned, which is not mandatory, for those who are coming from far.
Bike Tour 80 km (5 km by boat!) from 9.00 to 14.00 pm. Tour around the Bassin d'Arcachon, completed by a boat trip (bikes on top) to round the circuit. Open to every type and level of recumbents. Good tires required : no waiting for exploded tubes. For any information on this region or for lodging please consult :

For the organisation and the short time schedule all competitors should register ASAP.
No admission on the day of the race without pre registering.

Bent regards
Comittee BOB 2002

To register :

Fax : 00 33 05 57 70 29 44
(Tel : 00 33 6 62 25 40 22)


Name :

Adress :

City/Zipcode : Country :

Tel :

Age :

Bike :

I will also join in on the 80 km bike tour of 19 october and have a place reserved on the boat. Yes/No

Comments :

To participate in the Race as a Competitor you wil have to present us a medical certificate and/or a Int. Cycling Federation or IHPV membership.

Fax 05 57 70 29 44
BP 48
33510 ANDERNOS les Bains


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