Citycycling nummer 8

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Het nieuwe nummer van dit online fietsblad is beschikbaar gekomen.

Citycycling Issue 8 has just gone online, with the usual mix of dat reverie, and serious reportage. And so it is that we've been chatting to a sketching cyclist in Boston, and seeing why Rwanda has banned bikes and how that reflects the socio-economic direction the country is taking. We've also been to the cyclocross, listening to some Elgar and launching our new store!
Busy old month. Oh, and then there's the little matter of our 'Season's Grittings' winter project.

Issue 8 html:
Issue 8 pdf:
Season's Grittings:

Merry Christmas everyone (it's well into December now, I'm allowed to say that without reproach).

Issue 9 online Friday 6th January 2012.



MarkJRullens op vr 09 dec 2011 om 11:54

Leuke blog met cartoons gevonden in dit nummer!

En deze was al mijn favoriet:

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