Policumbent Universiteit uit Turijn bij recorddag

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Op het italiaanse forum blijkt een interessante aanvulling te staan op een eerder bericht op ligfiets.net.

De recorddag in Apeldoorn wordt dus bezocht door een universiteit zoals blijkt in bicireclinateitalia.
Via google Translate lezen we: "Policumbent Team "ready to challenge the records"
The academic year starts with great intensity at the Polytechnic of Turin: The guys are working hard Policumbent ahead of the Apeldoorn (NL), where on 30 October Andrea Gallo will challenge the record of the time-faired recumbent. Intensive preparation in the Motovelodromo Fausto Coppi in Turin marked the resumption of activities after the summer, allowing a daily basis to improve both the confidence of Andrea recumbent posture with the COR-AL13 is the prototype.

The progress achieved by the prolonged availability of the track (and the weather favorable) are proving to be registered in time in time trials, which are now competitive with those of the current record (52,074 km of French Aurelien Bonneteau). Remain a last week of training and the final touches to improve the means, then the travel and the verdict of the parquet. Stay tuned!

En inderdaad, op zoekterm "policumbent" geeft een keurige website met links naar facebook en twitter.

Eerder schreven we in juni 2011 over de "policumbent" die toen te zien is geweest op het WK in Jersey.


walter op ma 24 okt 2011 om 23:07

Begrijp ik het nu goed als ik hierin lees dat er in Italië een team à la HPTDelft is opgericht?

RodePioneer op ma 24 okt 2011 om 23:13

@Walter: dat kan ik niet uit de tekst halen na een maal lezen.

palinz op ma 24 okt 2011 om 23:51

Thank you Ligfiets.net for talking about the Policumbent team project.
Just some more details: in the above picture from Jersey 2010 is our old carbon prototype (a nice collection of design mistakes... as many "1st experience design" :D But anyway a nice exercise). We switched now to a simpler and cheaper aluminum frame and we are growing day by day, it is still an "educational-purpose" project, so many depends on the students which are involved each year.

The rider in the picture is Andrea Carraro, a student of the team offered as cyclist for the 1st year. The actual rider Andrea Gallo is also a student who joined the team in 2011. He is a very good road bike cyclist from many years (Elite-under23 until 2009, now amateur)... now he is learning "the recumbent way" and we hope he will be able to express his talent on the Apeldoorn track the next Sunday.

Future projects of the team involve a full fairing of a similar frame, but with a 24" front wheel (FWD).

I cannot completely understand the above question through Google Translate... our team is born in 2009 (the 1st financial support form Politecnico di Torino was delivered in June 9th... easy to remember as it is exactly the birth of my first daughter :D ). Recently we get in touch with Hajo and with Paul Denissen of HPTDelft and we planned a visit to Delft the day after Apeldoorn.

Hope everything is clear, at your disposal for any question, here or on our facebook page.

Thank you again to the editorial staff and to all the kind Dutch HPV people :) See you in Apeldoorn!

jack op di 25 okt 2011 om 00:34

thank you for your explanation. Google translate is often not so good, there is not really a question in the article. However, when i phoned Hans van Vugt about details this week on the coming event he only could tell that "an italian university team" was coming. So i looked into the information on some websites and the bicireclinateitalia forum seems very active. Nice to see your efforts and information there.
We look forward to the Recorddag!
Jack Dekker, editor in chief www.ligfiets.net

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