Citycycling 5 online

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De nieuwe Citycycling is online, in pdf of html te lezen deze keer.

De site geeft de link naar het blad. De maker van het blad schrijft over de uitgave: "We are so almost there with all of the changes. You'll notice this is a relatively short issue, but when you've got 59 volume 1 back issues to go through and pdf, well... It's a bit of a task. But very very worthwhile as we get within touching distance of finishing every last little bit of re-jigging. So bear with us, enjoy the issue (there's some great stuff) and keep checking back because over the next week it will finally all be done (and I can get some sleep).

One thing I think we have sorted is the 'look' of the re-launched site finally. It seems to have slotted into place, found it's visual-voice. More of the same please!


Anthony Robson
Editor, Citycycling Magazine



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