WK ligfietsen 2011 op Circuit Monza verslagen

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In dit bericht komen de links naar foto's, verslagen en uitslagen van het WK in Italië.


Olivier(leuke compilatie, tip)
twee video's op droplimits.de
Olivier (helmet cam, tip!)



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Olivier publiceerde in het Velorizontal forum:
Quick summary:

Great ambience, strong representation of French (or almost one in every French podium), very good organization (not easy for organizers to meet schedules in the holes left for us to occupy the fabulous circuit at Monza. We must that the lease is usually the order of 40 000 € for the day, and when we do the cumulative hours of use for recumbents, you get almost a full day. Thanks are here all the staff Propulsione of Umana and the director of the Monza circuit that made them a gift, and even came to grace the presence Awards!!

At the races, it was very well balanced so as not too disadvantage a class over another.
For the uninitiated (which I am), that's how it goes: a number of points is awarded for each race, with a very significant difference between first place and insignificant for the latter. Arriving at the top in a race thus gives a very comfortable number of points. Missing a race is not too penalizing, since a good perf in another can make up lost time ...

Mixed weather, but not really annoying, except for a few slides that have been on the circuit. It was noticed here and there, elbows, buttocks, or Kevlar hulls a little shredded by asphalt. That said you felt really safe on the circuit.

Meal in a pizzeria (normal. ..) on Saturday night pasta party at the campsite very nice Sunday evening.

Well other than that, the results will be published. Everyone knows that Aurelian has won ...
I put a small video of a lap. It's a bit long to watch, but I'm sorry, I could not go faster Laughing


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