15000 Kilometer rond Australië in 50 dagen

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Peter Healy die vorig jaar het record van Perth naar Sydney fietsen scherper zette wil in mei gaan beginnen aan een tochtrond australie en hoopt de 15000 km in 50 dagen te volbrengen.

Dit zonder ondersteuning. Discussie over de tocht kan gevolgd worden op sports.groups.yahoo.com PoitAroundOz. In de eerste post daarop worden de plannen uitgelegd: "Friends will understand why I want to do this - I hope.

For those who don't know me too well, I'm a long distance recumbent rider. I've done many very long Audax rides. I ride about 20,000km a year.

In 2009, I rode 4,000km solo unsupported across Australia in 11 days 17 hours.

So for the past 10 months or so I've been slowly plotting and planning for the big one - 15,000km around Australia.

Aussie, Eugene Schiliter set the record in 2007 at 56 days.

The record was set by Danish long distance legend Erik Straarup in 2009 in just over 51 days.

I've recorded some of the previous records on a spreadsheet as they didn't seem to be in the one place and you can find this in the Files section if interested.

At the moment I amd busy getting gear together and keeping up the long rides.

For the trip I will again be using a SPOT Tracker so you will be able to watch me move around the country in real time on a Google Map if you wish. More information as we get closer to 2nd May.


Nagekomen link : deze discussie op Bentrideronline


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