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Op de site worden filmpjes verzameld. Verder is er een komedie in Duitsland gefilmd waarin ligfietsen prominent naar voren komen.

Op de site worden ligfietsfilmpjes verzameld. Het is de bedoeling dat men die zelf toevoegt.

Op de site van Hp Velotechnik staat een persbericht over een nieuwe komedie. We hebben het persbericht voor u door een vertaalmachine gehaald en nagekeken:
On 07.01.2010 states there will be the nationwide theatrical releases of the comedy "13 semesters".
In this charming film is about the trials and tribulations of student life. Director of the film Frieder Wittich moves away from the stereotypes of American high school movies.
The film is staged and completely filmed in a Hessian town in the Darmstadt University.

As an actor here with the founders of HP are Liegeradmanufaktur Velotechnik Paul and Daniel Hollants Pulvermüller, and their bicycles. Director Wittich wanted to that key scenes in his film would have modern recumbent bikes. The film tries to capture the perspektive of riding a recumbent with fresh air and many action shots.

Months before the shooting began visiting the director, lead actor Max
Riemelt and the experts for the outdoor film coordination and stunt coordination visited the company Hp Velotechnik to select the appropriate vehicles. Several trikes, some with special bodies or extra wobbling front wheels have been built since then.

Finally the film crew decided not only to use the three-wheeler technology from Hp, but also they were committed to include the Hp founders in the film and it was clear: Paul Hollants gets a role as a tricycle driver in the film,
Daniel Pulvermüller takes Riemelt as a stunt double for Max.


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