6e Internationale bijeenkomst Velomobielontwerp

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Een bijeenkomst in 2009 voor Velomobielen in Kopenhagen vraagt om artikelen en gaat milieuvriendelijk transport met de ligfiets promoten tijdens een klimaat overleg in die ook in Kopenhagen plaats gaat vinden.

Carl-Georg Rasmussen will organise the next Velomobile Seminar 2009 in
Copenhagen. You will find the call for papers below. If you have further
questions, please contact Carl-Georg.

Invitation to submit papers to the

6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design, Copenhagen October 16.-17. 2009.

The series of Velomobile Design Seminars started in 1993 in Copenhagen. Through
15 years the seminars have been an important inspiration to the development of
velomobiles for practical transport and sport.

The perspectives for velomobiles as an alternative, environmental friendly means
of transportation are today more obvious than ever. In many situations a
velomobile can replace a car, offering cargo space, weather protection, better
aerodynamics and higher speed than an ordinary bicycle.
People need more physical exercise for health care reasons, to stay or to become
fit, to improve quality of life. A velomobile is a comfortable and secure means
to get training.

The velomobile does not increase greenhouse-gas emissions, an issue, which has
gained increasing attention in the last 5 years. The United Nations (Conference
of Parties under UNFCCC) has called for the next Climate Conference in the
first week of December 2009. It will take place in the Bella Center in
Copenhagen. On this occasion, let us demonstrate the potential of velomobiles
for an environmental friendly lifestyle.

The Velomobile Design Seminars allows to discuss many subjects, such as social
acceptance of velomobiles, solutions for the infrastructure, technical
innovations and design and styling.

The seminar organization invites you to present your contributions to skills and
knowledge necessary for further development of velomobiles.

Send your abstract (max 500 words) to:
before October 31st, 2008.

The abstracts will be reviewed by the program committee:
Dr. Andreas Fuchs (Switzerland)
M.Sc. Frederik Van De Walle (Belgium/Sweden)
Dr. Stefan Gloger (Germany)
Dr. Carl Georg Rasmussen (Denmark)
You will be informed not later than December 31st, 2008, whether your poposal is
accepted. If your abstract is accepted you will receive instruction for
Deadline for submission of final paper will be August 31th , 2009.
The proceedings of the 6th Velomobile Design Seminar will be published in
digital form only.


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