Cijfers vanuit de ligfietsmarkt

Gepubliceerd op ma 24 mrt 2008 om 00:00

Hoeveel ligfietsen zijn er, hoe groot is de markt en wat zijn de verkopen. De fabrikant Slyway heeft een benadering gemaakt.

Slyway lijkt een benadering te willen maken van de wereldwijde markt voor ligfietsen. Ze publiceerden de onderstaande data.

I consider 60 company in 14 country (recumbent, trike, velomobile)
Germany 17
USA 15
Holland 12
Other 16
14 New company was born in last 3-4 year: is + 23% growth

Total specialized dealers estimated are 600 (feb 08)
47% Europe
47% USA + CAN
4% other country

In Bike Europe - August 2007 pag 48, German Eslava wrote:"this niche market
in Europe accounts for an estimated sales of 12,000 units per year"

I consider the estimated sale rate is the same in Europe and USA+CAN, and is
70% in ASIA and other country,
so I have:
Europe: 12.000 units = 48%
USA + CAN: 11.831 units = 48%
ASIA: 414 units = 1,7%
Other: 651 units = 2,6%
Tot: 24,896 unit per year (2007)

I use a gaussian distribution for unit sales per year, and sales prices from
300 to 6000 euro
so I have:
TOTAL 50.291.000 euro per year 2007
Europe 24.240.000 euro
USA + CAN 23.899.000 euro
ASIA 836.000 euro
Other 1.315.000 euro

I share these data with you, because I think specialized magazine have to
ask company about their sales, and future plans, in order to have more
detailed data.
This research can helps the whole market.
If company, customers and dealers will have a global vision (where are we
going?), they will have more and more confidence.

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