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Geen Eustaff, maar wel een internationale operatie... de Nordkapp-Gibraltar tocht. Ze hebben een mooie website en vertellen dat Duitse/Nederlandse/Sloveense en Tjechische teams op 1 ligfiets in een soort estafette dwars door Europa gaan fietsen. We zijn aan het werk om ze te strikken voor een lezing op Cycle Vision!
Op voorhand nodigen ze iedereen uit om een stukje met hun mee te fietsen. Zelfs een stukje van 10 kilometer is prima.

The Nordkapp-Gibraltar Non Stop Recumbent Ride

The NG non-stop ride is a special project of 8 people from 4 countries. They want to ride one recumbent non stop from the most northern point of Europe, Nordkapp, to the most southern point, Gibraltar. The distance is about 6000 km and they aim to cycle it in under 12 days. Six of the members of the team will cycle the recumbent bike by turns. The other team members are there to support the cyclists.

Idea and team members

The idea of this expedition rised in the mind of the organiser Honza Galla many years ago when he was thinking about a possible trip from Nordkapp to Gibraltar. In the years after many trips were done. He has traveled with his girlfriend Eliška Malíková by recumbent tandem in Hungary, Romania, Greece and also Ukraine and last year they were in Albania and Kosovo, cycling on two separate recumbents. Now finally the idea of the expedition from Nordkapp to Gibraltar will be realised.

All team members have a lot of experience with recumbents. They all met each other from an annual Czech recumbent meeting, which was held in Prague last year. Most of them however know eachother already many years. The Dutch member Sjaak Bloemberg and his Czech girlfriend Eva Navrátilová have built plywood and carbon recumbents, have been racing on CV, and made trips in many European countries. Martin Anderseck from Germany is the author of the Flevo fun web page, Jirka Hebeda is probably the most known Czech recumbent enthusiast and Peter Osterveršnik from Slovenia is the only recumbent dealer in his country.

The expedition has couple of main goals.
    To cycle through whole Europe from north to south by one recumbent with as little as stop time as possible. The recumbent will be cycled during day and night time:‘Non Stop‘. The only interruptions will be caused by changing the riders, some small repairs, a few ferries in Scandinavia and some other unexpected things.
    Promoting the recumbent as a comfortable and fast way of sustainable transport.
    Testing a new recumbent. The expedition recumbent is sponsored by AZUB BIKE from Czech Republic, who are preparing a new high racer model at the moment. The team will ride on one of the prototypes to test it in very difficult conditions.
    Also they want to see the whole Europe in just „one moment“ and after they want to show to people how different it can be.

Organisation and preparation

Many of you are now thinking about all problems which have to be solved. And there are really plenty of them. All preparations have started in the end of last year when most members decided to participate on this event. It is clear that they will need some support car, time schedule of changing riders, communication between rider and the rest of the team. Also the sleeping has to be solved and of course eating, drinking, washing etc. etc. They plan to have two cars. One big van with beds inside and one combi. The team will split into two parts which will change the cars after some time. The van has already been called the „rest car“ and will be mainly for resting of the riders. The other car is called „support car“ and will go closely to the recumbent, will take care about all rider's needs, takes pictures, makes video documentation etc. etc. A final time schedule will be composed after a test weekend in June, which will take place in the Czech Republic. The expedition is planned for August, the period after the test weekend will be used to test and solve all things and problems that will appear.

Promotion cooperation offered

Also you can imagine that such an expedition is quite expensive event so they are still looking for cooperation with companies which would be interested in promoting themselves by this expedition. The main organiser is a professional sport marketing specialist and he is experienced in publishing and working with medias, they can offer very interesting promotion possibilities.

Feel invited to join us!

Because they want to promote the recumbent cycling, and because they want to make the European recumbent world smaller than before, they would like to invite all of you to meet them during the expedition and to cycle with them for some kilometers. If you’d like to cycle with us you can apply on our website.

More information will appear from time to time on and of course during the expedition there will be daily updates. You can read more about the bike on

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