24 uur record nu waarschijnlijk toch verbroken

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Al meerdere malen is op ligfiets.net de avonturen van Greg verschenen. Nu blijkt volgens recente informatie het hem toch te lukken het record te verbreken waarnaar hij al zolang streeft. Eerder is

Via mail kregen we op de redactie onderstaande berichten binnen, een eerste en belangrijkste gaat over het record en daaronder staan er een aantal die in de loop van de poging zijn verschenen over de omstandigheden.Donderdag 17.35
As of 15 minutes ago, Greg has 1 hour and 19 minutes left to complete 22.5 miles. Barring any major mechanical errors, he will shatter the old record with 30 minutes to go. We've got the champagne on ice!!

The last hour has been manic. The crew has been pouring over the numbers - we celebrated the 1200th lap, the 600th mile, 22 hours of riding, and many other milestones.

There are a few more images of the last pitstop on Flickr. No new video this time around, but we'll update again when the record is broken!

The atmosphere here is absolutely electric! The local newspapers and television stations have given us great press, and locals are showing up to cheer Greg on. Wish you were here!!

Donderdag 11.25

As of 12:45 AM Pacific, Greg has completed 15 hours and 20 minutes of cycling, and has traveled about 433 miles. He is still on target to surpass the record.

Some new videos can be viewed here:

Some new pictures can be viewed here:

Jeff Bales Writes:
Go, Greg, Go!

I was at the Casa Grande 1 hour event and got to see Freddy nail the record. He was madder than a hornet from his failed attempt the day before and it seemed like they dropped him at the start each time he took off! (Editor’s note: Freddy Markham broke the 1-hour record by traveling 53.4 miles in his HPV)

I know that Fast Freddy was motivated by desire, frustration and outright anger. What is driving you during your event? What kinds of things are running through your head, especially now that you can see how well you're doing? Are you mad, excited, or just plain determined? Your event is much longer than the hour attempt. Are you doing any kind of meditating to keep your spirits up. What's driving you?

Greg Answers:
Pure determination. And his music.

Thom Ollinger Writes:
Please ask Greg what he thought of my idea for a 4 man hpv team doing RAAM? One where we bring climbing bents, time trail bents,and liners for every condition.
Best wishes for Greg,and if he needs motivation tell him to picture me in my liner ahead of him :^)

Best regards,
Thom Ollinger
Team Coslinger(soon to attempt 12 hour record)

Greg Answers:
:). The RAAM idea is a really good idea.

Jody Fitch Writes:
My nephew who is now absorbed in this asks (we watched some videos): Are you nervous going that fast? What is your top speed? How much does your bike weigh?

Greg Answers:
At first I was a little afraid of the speed, but I’m really getting into it now, I’m really in the groove. My top speed was about 65 km per hour. My bike weighs about 60 pounds.

Tim Marquardt Writes:
What does the C in E=MC2 stand for?

Greg Answers:
The speed of light. The theory of relativity goes . . . (Greg goes on, and on, and on, and Ben couldn’t repeat the answer). Ben says: “Dear God, don’t let there be anymore questions like this!

Phil Evans Writes:
What’s on your iPod?

Greg Writes:
There’s over 1,000 songs on my iPod, I can’t tell what I’m listening to.

Pat Asks:
How many bottles of champagne are we going to need?

Greg Says:
I’m usually an optimist, but I don’t want to be presumptuous, so I’m not going to answer the question!

Donderdag 4.00

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all of your well wishes and questions. Keep them coming!

Greg is on pace to not only break the record, but he's on pace to smash it!! As of 6:57 PM Pacific, He has cycled for 8 hours, 34 minutes, for a distance of over 253.2 miles.

Now for the fun stuff . . .

Shane and the boys write:
Just wish to add more encouragement. You're looking good and doing great. We will keep the chant going for you. Go Greg Go, Go Greg Go, Go Greg Go, Go Greg Go, Go Greg Go, Go Greg Go, Go Greg Go.....

Greg's Comment:

Adrian from New Zealand writes:
I'm forwarding your progress to 3 others at work here. We're inspired by your efforts. We've actually stared building a trike that is inpired by and loosely based on your Rocket. Finding lots of design challenges! It's not a speed machine - but a commuter bike.

1: Are you still planning on having a crack at the cross Canada record?
2: If you are - what style of bike/trike are you thinking about?

Greg Answers:
No cross Canada trip is planned, as the permits are too difficult to get. Thanks for all the support!

Jim writes:
How is the track surface? Optimal or a bit rough?
I'd like to try an hour there sometime.
Does he have any music to listen to?

Greg Answers:
The track surface is excellent here.
A local paving company owns and maintains the track and it's as smooth as a table top. The track is on the short side at 3/8th mile so you will need to practice turning left just like a stock car driver. There's an iPod inside CP1, along with a 2-way radio headset to communicate with the crew.

Brendajoe Writes:
Q. Did you ever consider rear wheel steering for crucial power?
Advantage being direct drive to a fixed front wheel. Possible narrower frontal area. Only small amount of movement required for a change in direction. Disadvantage May be a bit weird to get us to.

Q. Who's the hot chick in the red top?

Greg Answers:
Rear wheel was looked at early on but impossible to control

The chick in red top is the most fantastic woman in the world... Well, Greg's world... That is Greg's wife Helen.

Pitstop #3 will be on YouTube any minute now:

Flickr is down for a bit, so check out photos here:

Donderdag 0.00 uur

As you can imagine, being inside CP1 isn't the most mentally stimulating activity you can find. So, Greg is asking you to send some questions (or discussion topics) his way, and we'll respond on the next update. Please send your questions to: jmackay@vestrion.com.

As of 1:51 Pacific Time, Greg has completed 4 hours, 26 minutes of the world record attempt, with 2 pit stops. In terms of distance, he has completed 384 of the 1729 laps required to break the record. That means he has completed 21.5% of the distance with just 18.5% of time elapsed!!

Woensdag 21.00 uur

Hi Everyone,

Greg has started his world record attempt, as of 9:27 this morning. There is no Internet connection at the track, so we'll be making regular runs back to the hotel to upload images, video, and text updates.

1.5 hours into the day, Greg has completed 150 laps around the track, at an average speed of 31.07 mph, on track to break the record!

Videos can be viewed here:

Pictures can be viewed here:

Go Greg Go!!

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