Cycle Vision - extra edition

In the weekend of 24-25 september, we organize two days of racing including the (in)famous 6-hour race and test a new concept to attract both serious athletes and casual racers, which we call 'commuters'.

Start: Zaterdag 24 september 2022 om 09:30 uur
Locatie: Amsterdam Sloten and Spaarnwoude
Meer info: Rembrandt Bakker

In this extra edition we race in two leagues, one targets athletes, the other targets casual racers.

The program:

Saturday 24 September
09:30  Sloten - registration
11:00  Sloten - elimination race for all riders. See the this page from the previous Cycle Vision for an explanation.
12:00 Move from Sloten to Spaarnwoude, some will go by car, others will jointly bike 17 kms through beautiful scenery.
13:00 Spaarnwoude - test ride the track
13:45 Spaarnwoude - commuter race #1 ('going to work'). This race starts from the terrace, with the bikes parked near the start line. Run to your bike and go. The first one who completes 7 laps (21 km) is the winner. There is a possibility to short-cut the route, but that requires you to navigate obstacles.
14:45 Spaarnwoude - Athlete's criterium over 1 hour.
16:15 Spaarnwoude - commuter race #2 ('going back home'). Same race as before, your chance to take revenge.

Sunday 25 September
10:00 Sloten - 6 hour race. Recommended for athletes, optional for commuters.
13:00 Sloten - 3 hour race. Recommended for commuters, optional for athletes.

We will award prizes for the overall ranking, not for individual races.
Commuters/athletes are ranked separately, and within these groups we distinguish fully faired vs. not fully faired, male vs. female.
The overal ranking is based on a weighted sum of speedpoints.
For athletes the weights are:
100% elimination race, 0% commuter races (free to participate), 100% one hour criterium,
200% six hour race, 150% three hour race (you can't do both races).
For commuters the weights are:
100% elimination race, 100% commuter race #1, 100% commuter race #2, 0% one hour criterium, 100% six hour race, 100% three hour race (you can't do both races).

Race tracks and Camping
We will race at two tracks: Sloten and Spaarnwoude. Those who like to camp can do so at camping Blauhek, conveniently located in-between the two venues.

Registration opens August 1st, via this page. You have to select whether you will race as a commuter or athlete, whether you are male/female, and whether you are fully faired or not. The registration fee is 30 euros, and if you register by September 04 you can order a Cycle Vision T-shirt for just 5 euros.
If you can't decide whether to participate as a racer or commuter: just register and let us know your final choice when you collect your transponder.


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