Camp site

For those who love camping and want to resocialize after being locked down for so long, we have booked space at a small but fine camp site Blauhek. You need to register for camping, here: For racers: the campsite has only two pairs of showers (m/f) so please use the facilities at the race venue if possible.

Getting from the Sloten race track to the camp site

By car, it is 20 minutes from Sloten to the camp site.
By bike, it is 15 km from Sloten to the camp site (route has 2-3 ramps, tested OK with DF).

Getting from the camp site to the Spaarnwoude race track

By car, it is 10 minutes to the Spaarnwoude track.
By bike, it is 4 km to the Spaarnwoude track.