Cycle Vision

Cycle Vision 2024, Amsterdam Sloten, June 21-24. The tracks have been booked. We will be racing on the 2.5 km long track of Sloten and in the 200m indoor velodrome. See below for tentative program.

Georganiseerd door: Cycle Vision/A-Race-in-the-Park
Start: Vrijdag 21 juni 2024 om 17:00 uur
Locatie: Amsterdam, Sloten
Meer info: Rembrandt Bakker

Preliminary text!

All races will take place at Sportpark Sloten, Sloterweg 1045, 1066 CD Amsterdam
This venue has two race tracks:
- Outdoor 2.5 km track with smooth asphalt, gentle curves and a 5.5 meter high climb.
- Indoor 200m wooden track, recently renovated. This is indicated in the program as 'velodrome'.

The program contains races for two types of participants: athletes and casual riders. Races with nothing indicated are for all.

Friday 21 June
17:00  registration  at ASC Olympia canteen (attached to velodrome).
Make sure your bike has a mirror in which you can see a person standing two meters behind your bike. Bikes must not have sharp/protruding objects, tube endings must be closed, chainrings must be covered.
20:00 Elimination race for both athletes and casual riders.
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd finishers in the above criteriums will be awarded 3, 2 and 1 bonus points, respectively (see below 'prizes').

Saturday 22 June
10:00 1h time trial for athletes
11:30 30 minute commuter race for casual riders: using a stretch of 650m of the track (including bridge), they make a U-turn at each end. The U-turns will be at locations where there is a wide enough patch of grass or gravel next to the road so that (most) velomobiles can make the turn. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd finishers in this race will be awarded 3, 2 and 1 bonus points, respectively (see below 'prizes').

All races in the afternoon take place in the velodrome. Your bike must be clean and dry, especially the tires. It is unsafe to use your brakes while on the track. You will be racing alone or in pairs, so there is no reason to slow down anyway. If you wish, you may use a special track bike (see 'prizes').

13:00 clinic for first time velodrome riders
13:30 warming up
14:00 200m fastest lap flying start (max. 4 laps)
You may choose to start your fastest lap high on the track to gain additional speed, but only do so if you have experience with this (join the winter competition!).
15:30 1000m pairwise pursuit standing start (based on ranking in fastest lap)
Each winner of the pairwise pursuit gets one bonus point. No speed points for this race. Start at opposite sides of the velodrome, no need to overtake your opponent, just get close.
17:00 leave the velodrome

18:00 BBQ at ASC Olympia canteen

Sunday 23 June
You must choose to participate in either the 6h or 3h or 1h race.
In bold the race that gives you the largest number of speed-points.
10:00 6 hour race (counts 200% for athletes, 100% for casual riders)
13:00 3 hour race (counts 150% for athletes, 100% for casual riders)
15:00 1 hour race (counts      0% for athletes,  75% for casual riders)

We will award prizes for the overall ranking, not for individual races.
Casual riders/athletes are ranked separately, and within these groups we distinguish fully faired vs. not fully faired, male vs. female.
The overal ranking is based on a weighted sum of speed points plus bonus points.
Speed points are equal to the average speed in a race (fastest lap in fastest lap race).
Bonus points can be obtained at the Elimination race and Commuter race:
3 for the winner, 1 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd.
And in the pairwise pursuit, each winner gets 1 bonus point.
All parts of the program must be performed in the same vehicle category. If you use multiple bikes, the category of the most streamlined bike counts.

Camping, Catering
Those who like to camp can stay at De Sport Camping, 6.5 km by car or bike from Sportpark Sloten. On Saturday we are having a barbecue at the ASC Olympia canteen. Registration for camping and BBQ will follow on a separate page.

Registration opens half a year in advance, via this page. You can select whether you will race as an athlete/casual rider, but you can always change your mind upon arrival. The registration fee is approx. 35 euros (reduced fee for age range 0-16), and if you register/pay by May 21st 2024 you can order a Cycle Vision T-shirt for just 5 euros extra.


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