Human Powered Vehicles World Championships 2023

HPV World Championships 11 to 13 August 2023 in Lustenau, Vorarlberg AT

Start: Vrijdag 11 augustus 2023 om 19:00 uur
Locatie: Lustenau in Oostenrijk
Meer info: Werner Klomp

The Parkstadion Lustenau is planned as the centre of the World Championships, currently the organisation team around Werner Klomp is in the process of defining the course and obtaining the necessary permits.

The following programme is planned:

- Friday evening: Hill climb

- Saturday morning: Sprints

- Saturday afternoon: 1-hour race 4 km sprint

- Sunday: 3-hour race Sunday morning 100 km race

The tracks of the two long races are expected to be winding and twisting and we hope to be able to offer challenging and exciting races.

For the mountain race, we hope to be able to race on the other side of the Rhine on Swiss soil.

For the sprints we will find long, flat and straight tracks, possibly along the Rhine dam.

Important: Deviations and changes reserved!

As of December 2022, the planning could not yet be finalised, we are optimistic but important definitive approvals are still pending. Further information, the programme and updates will follow on the homepage (currently still under construction): or the World Championships thread at

Editorial text: Andi Gerber based on input from Werner Klomp and W&W Homepage Spezi

See also (in Dutch): news item 14 juni 2023


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