Program for visitors

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We are planning the following activities for visitors.
If you are bringing kids, checkout the kids corner.
See the overview map for camping and race locations.

Friday September 17 2021, Sloten

15:00 Sloten track opens.
Races today (see race program):
19:00 Elimination race, a great race to watch!

Saturday September 18 2021, Spaarnwoude

08:00 Spaarnwoude race track opens.
Races today (see race program):
10:00 1-hour time trial
13:30 Criteriums

Whole day: There is a nice canteen with outdoor seating (biergarten) where you can relax, buy drinks, and watch the races.

At preset times (details follow): At the event you will see a lot of interesting bike designs. We will ask producers and owners of various bike types to give informal presentations.

10:00 Kids painting class - Paint Jungle animals for the Kids jungle Race.
12:30 Kids speed race - Expect big smiles on their faces!

16:30 Bike courier race - This is a race for all, including visitors with a bike!

19:00 Joint meal at the campground. Bring your own food and sit together.

Sunday September 19 2021, Sloten

09:00 Sloten track opens.
Races today (see race program):
10:00 Start 6 hour race
13:00 Start 3 hour race
16:30 Prize ceremony

08:45 Joint ride from the campground to the track in Sloten. It will surprise you that, despite being tucked in between Amsterdam and Schiphol airport, you will see some stunning scenery on this route.

10:00 - 15:00 Second hand recumbent bike market.
11:00 Kids jungle race - Slalom around self-painted jungle animals.

At preset times (details follow): product presentations.