Tasks during the event

This is a working document. Read at your own risk.

We need volunteers to fulfill the following jobs:

On-site registration

  • Registration desk (2x, Sloten, Friday 14:00-18:00)
  • Bike/rider safety inspection (2x, Sloten, Friday 14:00-18:00)

At the races

  • Race official who manages start/finish (during all races)
  • Time keeper and assistant (during all races)
  • Prizes and overall ranking manager
  • Race track safety guard (6x, during all races)
  • Race track rearrangement coordinator (Spaarnwoude before first race, kids race and bike courier race)
  • Speaker (during all races)
  • Kids race coordinator (Spaarnwoude kids speed race and Sloten kids Jungle race)
  • EHBO (first aid) team (during all races)

Other activities

  • Second hand market coordinator


  • Facebook / Twitter (during whole event)
  • Dutch recumbent association info point (Saturday aand Sunday)

Volunteer care

  • Volunteer manager (during whole event)
  • Volunteer catering (during whole event)

Camp site

  • Camping guard (during whole event at camp site Spaarndam)
  • Sanitary round (3x per day at camp site Spaarndam)


Event manager