Wintertraining on Cologne Wieler Track

From 12:00 to 15:00 open training for recumbent bikes and velomobiles on the Cologne track Albert-Richter Stadion near the Rheinenergie Soccer stadion, Aachener Straße/Peter-Günter-Weg. You are welcome!

Start: Zondag 27 januari 2019
Locatie: Cologne, Albert-Richter-RadStadion
Meer info: Hajo

Above the track is a roof. So usually it will be dry but as it is an open stadium you enjoy the fresh and sometimes cold winter air. At some rare situations like rain and wind or condensating water at the roof the track may get wet, In such cases no training is possible but we may meet&greet in a Mexican resto nearby.

Please do not forget a helmet, which is mandatory on the track, training & cycling is on your own risk.


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