Race Weekend Cologne / Langenfeld

The traditional races on the Albert-Richter Cyclodrome in Cologne will take place as usual along with the CappsSportCup "CSC gemeinsam rollt's" (rolling together) in Langenfeld.

Start: Zaterdag 31 augustus 2013
Locatie: Cologne

Dear community,

the date has been fixed since quite a while, as some of you hopefully know.
But now it's official: The traditional races on the Albert-Richter Cyclodrom in Cologne will take place as usual one day before the CappsSportCup "CSC gemeinsam rollt's" (rolling together).
On Saturday, the 31. of August we'd like to welcome you in Cologne,
on Sunday the 1. September we'll be racing again on a street-track in the nearby Langenfeld (about 15km from Cologne).
Staying overnight at the cyclodrome is possible.

By now, there are a lot of velomobilists out there, that already are race-experienced and also manage to ride their multitrack vehicles on an inclined cyclodrome track.
For those, we will be happy to offer a 1h velomobile kriterium race. However we want to make sure there are enough participants for that, therefore please contact the organiser Hendrik Schmeer as soon as possible for registration.
Depending on the pre-registration status there's yet another announcement on 17. August to come for you in that case.
Agenda (preliminary)


The cyclodrome opens up for arrival at 18h. Camping inside is possible.


until 9:30 free riding
from 9:00 registration
from 10:00 until 11:30 time trial 1000m
from 11:45 warm-up B-race
at 11:55 line-up B-race
at 12:00 start B-race 1h kriterium
from 13:00 warm-up A-race
at 13:10 line-up A-race
at 13:15 start A-race 1h kriterium
from 14:15 warm-up velomobiles
at 14:25 line-up velomobiles
at 14:30 velomobile race 1h kriterium flying start
from 15:45 award ceremony

There'll be some drinks and snacks available during the races - a little contribution will be appreciated.

Showers are open until 17:00.

In the evening there will be a barbecue, which we will organize offhanded during day and also buy some things for the breakfast next morning.


Breakfast at about 8:00, break-up until 10:30.

Race Event CSC CappsSportsCup "gemeinsam rollt's" in Langenfeld.
Recumbentbike cyclist can participate a 90 minutes kriterium on a street-track together with handbikers.
It's almost a festival atmosphere there, catering and lots of cheering spectators...
For more information and registration in Langenfeld, please visit this page.
Velomobiles (fully faired vehicles) are not allowed here.
Registration (Cologne)
The fees are:
HPV/ NVHPV/ LeXXi members 15 €
adults 20 €
last-minute registration (after the 16. August) +5 €
family menbers & youngsters beyond 18 years 5 € (also on last-minute registrations)

For registration, please submit the appropriate fee until the 16. August via PayPal along with your data to Hendrik Schmeer:
  • lastname, firstname
  • age
  • race-class (unfaired, partly faired, fully faired)
  • the bike you ride
The list of accredited participants will be maintained on www.hpv.org.
Taking part is on your own risk and responsibility.
Your bike has to provide appropriate means of deceleration (brakes), a stable chainwheel protection and you - have to wear a helmet.
For the kriterium race, the bike must have a rear mirror.

Hendrik Schmeer (DLC- HPV Deutschland e.V. Organisation)


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