Wasco Wild West 75 Mile Recumbent Race

Start: Zaterdag 10 mei 2008
Meer info: Russ Smith
Website: http://www.wascowildwest75.com/

Hello everyone in the Netherlands,

We riders in the Pacific Northwest section of the United States think that all you riders in the Netherlands are very cool in that you ride bicycles with such passion. Not enough people over here will ride a bike, let alone a neat one like a recumbent. So far this year the only racer from outside the U.S. to sign up for the Wasco race is Rob English, the British champion. Rob was leading last years race when his chain came off and became twisted, causing a D.N.F. We alway have hope that some more riders from your great country will come and try their luck in the Wasco race. Thank you for spreading the word about our event.


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