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Start: Zondag 4 juni 2000
Meer info: B. Wichers Schreurs, 035-5317481(races)

Cycle Vision 2000 In 3 years Cycle Vision has grown into The ultimate recumbent event of Europe. At the unique car test track in Lelystad the NVHPV presents itself in many ways. You can visit Cycle Vision Saturday and Sunday from 9.30 till 17.00 h. The entry fee is hfl 7.50, the ticket is valid for both days. No fee for children under 12, no dogs allowed. The location The area of the RDW is ideal for Cycle Vision. There is ample space for several activities and there is the 2.8 km oval test track with leaning curves and smooth asphalt suitable for the fastest recumbents. The exhibition The central meeting point of Cycle Vision is the big tent. Here all major recumbent manufacturers and suppliers present their products and the do-it-yourselvers will show their best recumbents. Fashion design students will present there own special designs for recument clothing, the results of the "Bike2000 design contest" for the ultimate commuter bike will be presented.The NVHPV wil be present with a second-hand market for recumbents and sells coffee and sandwiches. The try-out track After seeing all the recumbents in the tent of course you can try one yourself. Then you can go to the square next to the tent. Here recumbent specialists "Twigt" and "De Liggende Hollander" will arrange a try-out track with most brands of recumbents. The races During Cycle Vision all kinds of races will be held continuously, showing all aspects of recumbent sports. Also the exciting 6-hours race will be held again, which was won in 1998 by the famous Dutchman Bram Moens by covering almost 320 km. Ymte Sijbrandij broke this record in last year with 9 kilometers Will his record be broken again this year? The total prizemoney of nearly hfl 10.000 will guarantee a strong field of international competitors. -------------------------------- Racing Program Cycle Vision 2000 Saturday 10.15-11.45 200 m sprint flying start 12.00-18.00 6 hours time trial 14.00-17.00 criterium sunday 11.00-12.00 1 hour time trial 12.00-12.30 criterium Challenge "Hurricane" 12.30-13.00 criterium Thys Rowingbike 13.00-13.30 criterium Flevo Alleweder 13.30-14.00 criterium Flevo Back2Back 14.00-15.00 devilrace, also for tandemrace schools (B2B) Prices to be won 6 hours race 1/2/3 hfl 2000/1000/500 bonus fastest unfaired rider hfl 500 bonus fastest ladies 1/2/3 hfl 500/250/100 bonus fastest senior (40+) hfl 500 1 hour race 1/2/3 hfl 1000/500/250 bonus fastest unfaired rider hfl 500 bonus fastest ladies hfl 250/100/50 bonus fastest senior (40+) hfl 500 200 m sprint 1/2/3 hfl 250/100/50 fully faired 1/2/3 hfl 250/100/50 unfaired bonus 1/2/3 hfl 100/50/25 fastest ladies Criterium gentlemen 1/2/3 hfl 250/100/50 ladies 1/2/3 hfl 100/50/25 Devil Race 1/2/3 hfl 250/100/50 50m sprint gentlemen 1/2/3 hfl 250/100/50 ladies 1/2/3 hfl 100/50/25 After each race is a pricegiving, prices have to be collected personally Sie also at the homepage Cycle Vision aanmeldformulier.


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