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Fairing streamliner

Hereby I'm selling my shell which was originally built by Bernhard Böhler. The fairing has been modified (more asymmetric), a new rooftop has been added however bottom and top are stitched together by using putty. There are still 2 open holes on the bottom of the fairing where the wheels pop out. I don't own the lowracer anymore which came together with the fairing.

A little more info: the fairing itself was originally 1 cm too small, I couldn't fit properly as my knees were touching the rooftop. However, I was still able to remove the rooftop and managed to ride 50 km/h with ease. This fairing was a rocketship for sure. If I'm not mistaken Bernhard Böhler managed to ride 65 km/h on average in 1 hour. Now, back to the fairing: I've asked online for help and although everything seemed to work out well, my colleague's connections ended abruptly. So I'm already stuck with a fairing for about 8 years I can't use. No velomobile company was able to help me out.

This fairing could be someone's future project. Anyone interested to buy, let me know. Asking price 750 €

Lokatie: Antwerpen, Belgium

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