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Een lopend Brits kwartaaltijdschrift onder redactie en met vele bijdragen van Peter Eland, die eerder werkzaam was voor Bike Culture Quarterly. Er verschijnen, net als in BCQ, veel artikelen over ligfietsen en HPVs in het blad. Eland schrijft zelf over VV op de website van het blad (
'It is a magazine for those passionate about cycling, and whose interest is in the practical applications of cycling, bikes as a transport solution, and cycling as a bridge between like-minded people across the world. […] It contains authoritative technical material, intriguing stories of cycling people and communities from across the world, cycling art, history and literature, and of course the latest from the world of specialised cycle design: workbikes, recumbents, folders, family cycling and more.'


In Nederland is Zephyr (link) de dealer van VV. Online kun je direct bij VV zelf een abonnement nemen en een of meer oude nummers nabestellen. Het allereerste nummer is uitverkocht, maar wel gratis te downloaden als PDF-file. Ongeveer een maand na de publicatie van elk nummer worden de inhoudsopgave en enkele artikelen online beschikbaar gemaakt. Zie:


Een volledige en gedetailleerde inhoudsopgave van alle verschenen nummers, maar uitsluitend geordend naar onderwerp of auteur (en niet per nummer), is te vinden op
Een (niet volledige) inhoudsopgave geordend naar nummer vind je hieronder:
Issue 12 / December 2003 : Velo-City 2003; Velo Vision readers tell how they convey their canines; Delving into Direct Drive; Turning to a trike; the 2004 Giant EZB semi-recumbent, and a new Shimano hub-gear, on test; Turn signals for bikes; Weather protection for cyclists: a new German system evaluated; the Bikebox trailer from Canada; Eight pages of news and innovations from Eurobike 2003, Buyer's Guide: recumbent bicycles Our overview of two-wheel recumbents; and more….
Issue 11 / September 2003: inhoud onbekend.
Issue 10 / June 2003: Triking on the Triclops; The Pantour suspension hub courier-tested; We test a shaft-drive commuter bike, with surprising results; Family cycling transport isn't just for superheroes; Our overview of the best fold-up or take-apart bikes and trikes available today; A revolutionaty theft-proof bike from Amsterdam - and how to lock yours tight; and more...
Issue 9 / March 2003 Moving house by pedal power through and Ottawa winter, Pedicabs in Ontario, Reality-check for all who think Holland is a cylists paradise, The folding Bernds tandem - family tested, Ingenious invention from Argentinia, A remarkable trike from Canada revealed; and more...
Issue 8 / December 2002 A visit to the Brompton factory; Bringing bikes back to Turkey's streets; Wooden children's recumbents and more entries in the Minibike modification madness stakes; The direct drive chainless bike returns; The LOGO trike, an affordable up-and-coming recumbent trike from Australia; An overview of the best load-carrying cycles and trailers available today; and more...
Issue 7 / September 2002 Tears of joy - Three wheels restore mobility; The world of specialised cycles for carrying children; The marching band that doesn't march - they cycle!; An Airnimal in America, The fast folder tested in Yellowstone; The Valleys Viper, An affordable three-wheel recumbent put through its paces; Rohloff-fuelled minibike madness!; CycleVision 2002 Full report from perhaps the world's largest ever HPV event; and more...
Issue 6 / June 2002 Bikeshare - A free bike scheme that actually works; Folder fever - A roundup of portable developments; Mirage on the Murray - A down under tour by pedal kayak; The Icicle Bicycle - the amazing see-through bike; Signal innovation - Is this the future of cycle lights?; Dahon SpeedPro Dahon's fastest folder - complete with DualDrive hub; SPEZI 2002 Six pages of packed news from Europe's biggest special bike show; and more...
Issue 5 / March 2002 On the cover: Cannondale Easy Rider Recumbent; The Burrows folder unveiled; Innovate or die - bike companies have to take chances...; Product Review- Mini Magic; Trailer masterclass - one man's experience of towing all sorts of things; Traveling backwards in time - Retro-direct gearing is revived; and more...
Issue 4 / December 2001 On the cover: Rickshaw conquers the Alps - Over the Alps on three speeds; Adbikes - A new moving medium; Mud Sweat and Gears - Testing the daVinci tandem and it's unique drivetrain on the Rockies; Bevo Biking - A practical recumbent from Germany gets a thorough review; and more...

Issue 3 / September 2001 On the cover; Morocco's Handcycling Hero; Family Transport - The BikeE Tandem; The Sherpa story - The perfect commuter?; The TOBike on tour - the smallest 20" wheeled folder in the world?; Cycle Vision - An extended report from the Dutch recumbent gathering; and more...
Issue 2 / June 2001 On the cover: Ballantine - The search for speed; In the wheel's eye - Ouagadougou, the two-wheeled capital of Africa; A new dawn? - The Equinox a next-generation town bike or engineering overkill?; Red alert - The Redmount Roller: a thorough review of this new recumbent trike; Halt that hiss - a surprisingly good no-flat foam innertube; and more...
Issue 1 / March 2001 On the cover: Off the wall - The stunning mural on a San Francisco bikeway; The World's on White Bear Lake - HPV racing on ice; Review - Life with a Birdy Red; The Lightspin dynamo - two Greenspeeders test it out; Racing for the moon - College teams compete in the shadow of the shuttle; Delivering the workbike message - A day with PEDEX rider in Berkely; and more...

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