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Pedalling unknown paths


Michèle Velthuizen-de Vries


Boeken over reizen met de ligfiets


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Reisverslag van het echtpaar Velthuizen-de Vries op hun zelfbouw ligfietsen door de VS. "The vivid account of a fourteen month journey covering 16,000 miles and thirty two states which will be an inspiration to anyone who has ever thought of travelling USA by bicycle.'' Volgens Bert Gazendam is dit een reisverslag van ''een wat zuinig echtpaar op twee Roulantachtige (LWB, rechtop) ligfietsen.'' Zij namen onderweg foto's door met een vlieger een fototoestel op te laten. Over dat onderwerp heeft de auteur een ander boek geschreven.De volgende beschrijving is van het internet geplukt:

Nop and Michèle had always had an ambition to travel. Overcoming Michèle's initial reluctance to travel by bicycle, they set themselves the target of departing once Michèle had finished her MA, and worked and saved hard for two years. After a trial round trip to Switzerland, a mere 1,250 miles, they were ready to go and, offered a passage on a merchant ship at three days notice, set off from Hamburg. A month later the boat docked at Point Comfort, Texas. Michèle and Nop unloaded their bicycles, bought a map at the first gas station they found, and headed north. So began an epic journey that was to last fourteen months, take them through thirty one states and cover over 16,000 miles. Causing a stir wherever they went with their unusual "recumbent" bicycles, designed and built by Nop, they travelled on interstate highways and deserted paths, pitching their homemade tent everywhere from cemeteries and people's backyards, to well equipped campsites. Surviving sub-zero temperatures and tornados, they experienced the stunning natural beauty of the American countryside, and the generous hospitality and kindness of its inhabitants. Michèle's vivid account of the journey will inspire anyone who has ever thought of travelling long distance by bicycle to take her advice: Stop considering it and just go for it!
*The extensive appendices are packed with useful information for
cyclists planning a long-distance trip
* Maps show the whole route across America
* Colour photographs illustrate the journey, including aerial
photography taken using Nop's kites
* Recumbent bicycles were featured in the BBC TV series 'Celebration of
the Bicycle'
* The remarkable journey has been featured in Kite Lines magazine 2.0

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