Currently reserved- Carbon Quest #813 (2017) with Pinion P1.18 and racehood

Currently reserved

Current mileage: 15410 km
Asking price: EUR 6300 (as  base for further negotiation)

I bought it used in August 2018 to start my velomobile-"career" :-)

Ideal for velomobile beginner but also perfect for touring and commuting. Especially due to its Pinion 18 gear shift and quite a list of additional extras and improvements included in this offer.

IMHO it is in a good condition. Slight scratches around the entry and at the sides, small damage to the paint on the upper side of the front. The under-floor shows some scratches at the chain tunnel and at the right wheel opening (no structural damages).

Yearly maintenance was done at and Veloxiter, invoices are available as evidence. This year's maintenance was done by myself (Pinion oil change, break cleansing and adjustment, etc).

Beginning of 2021 unfortunately a car hit the Quest in the front right. The damage was repaired professionally and painted. The reflective stickers at the front I did not attach yet but these will be included.

A lot more details, information and pictures (some as a link) are available in this thread at (click me).

Of course I will provide any further information also directly.